Hosting solutions

To better answer your key issues, you can choose between the 4 following options for your data hosting.

Cloud hosting

The YooBackup or YooSync softwares are installed as agent(s) on your servers and fixed and mobile computers. Recording and remote storage of your data are automated. No equipment is deployed on the company website. Your data are automatically sent via internet on Wooxo infrastructures in France.

Our two French Datacenters operate fully redundant and meet the highest standard of security and data availability (uptime of 99.999% unequaled in Europe).

Cloud hosting


  • European Hosting

    Assurance of an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred in accordance with the legislation (territoriality).

  • Mode Cloud

    No hardware to install, no hardware physical constraint (eg. hard disk lifetime).

  • main data center

    Flexibility in the modulation of your outsourcing package.

  • I love yoo - Sales

    The least costly solution if your data volumetry is relatively low and not experiencing a sustained growth rate.