Hosting solutions

To better answer your key issues, you can choose between the 4 following options for your data hosting.

Multi-site hosting

Several boxes will host your data, one on each company site, for example. The copy of your data on all workstations and servers from the primary site is recorded on a first box and is automatically sent to a second placed at the secondary site (remote site, agency, home of the CEO, etc.)

Multi-site hosting


  • Duplication données

    In order to ensure a maximum level of security, the data is automatically replicated over the Internet or a dedicated link (VPN), on one or more remote box to receive a Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • Multisite

    This option is particularly suited to multi-site businesses and franchise structures.

  • TPE PME en

    Many small to medium sized organizations also benefit from this mirrored configuration to install a Box in their business premises and a second home of the leader.