Patented Solution of Backup and Restore Data

Back up all your devices without restriction

(Servers, workstations, laptops...)
Patent N° 1362454

Simply restore your files

From any device and at any time

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If disaster strikes, quickly resume your activity

(Disaster recovery plan, OS, databases, data...)

Put yourself in accordance with the law

While you focus on your job.

Apercu Comment ça marche YooBackup

Apercu Comment ça marche YooBackup


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Our answers

  • Risques Physiques

    Against natural hazards, that your current backup device may not cover: you are able to recover your data after a burglary, theft, fire, natural disaster...

  • Risques Logiques

    Against logical hazards, in very strong growth: you survive to the virus and to all types of malware.

  • Risques Humains

    Against human hazards, simple omissions or malicious acts: automate processes and delete all manipulations.

  • Avion Acces distant

    For Mobility, which is essential for your productivity: back up your laptop and work done outside the office.