Our commitments

Your data available 24/7

We guarantee maximum availability of your data. All our solutions have been designed to offer a 24/7 access to your data.
Wooxo aplliances ensure fast and, flexible restores as well as efficient Cloud storage for each backup.

No matter how much data you have stored, or what kind of disaster you are faced to,  you will recover your data in record time and use the OS snapshots to resume activity quickly.
Connected to two hosting centres via two latest generation fibre optic cables that provide virtually immediate data synchronisation, you will benefit by an availability rate of over 99.999% (less than 5 minutes of service downtime per year), giving you a data access time of under 129 microseconds wherever you are located on this planet.

The highest standards of security for your data

Wooxo solutions all have a redundant point of storage.
For local storage on our Boxes: all Boxes and racks are fitted with a Raid disk system (Raid 1 or Raid 5 depending on size). In the event that one hard drive is damaged, you can be sure that there is a copy on the Raid disk(s).

For remote storage: your data is sent to a primary data center and duplicate to a secondary data center.
Our hosting centers  comply with the most stringent European standards.

Normes des datacenters Wooxo en France




Total confidentiality for data backup and transfer

Whether your data is hosted on a Wooxo appliance or in our data centers, they are encrypted and comprrssed with a unique AES 256 key, the format used for secure banking transactions. The encrypted data travels across the Internet and if intercepted, cannot be used by third parties, including Wooxo teams.


A relationship of trust based on European law

Unlike American data centers, which are subject to the Patriot Act even if they are located in Europe, all our hosting centers, contracts, terms and conditions comply with the European legislation.
That's yet another guarantee of the confidentiality of your data.
Wooxo also undertakes to return all your data in a usable format (you must have your encryption key to access it) on request within 24 hours, in the medium of your choice, without conditions, even in the event of any ongoing financial, commercial or technical disputes.

Local manufacture and low energy consumption technologies

We work daily to reduce our ecological footprint and encourage innovation.
Our appliances are manufactured in our own workshops in France and do not use hazardous materials. Integrated hard drives are low consumption certified by the manufacturer.

Our datacentres are eco-efficiency certified. They are ahead of the latest European requirements and consume 40% less energy than conventional datacentres. This performance is down to the combined use of precision air conditioning units which provide a room temperature of 24°C, and the best servers and UPS on the market.

Environmentally-friendly efficiency that provides a range of solutions with unrivalled value for money.