Frequently asked questions

What is the average recovery time for a workstation (with a standard configuration of 320 GB HDD and with 120 GB used)?

The time taken for data retrieval is dependant on two factors: the network speed and backup mode and the recovery implemented. On average, data recovery is about 8 MB/s on a 10/100 network and 20/30 MB/s on a 1000 network.

If your Wooxo Backup database becomes corrupted, how do I recover my data?

Our database is backed up every 12 hours on our servers. In the event of corruption of the database and thus a backup of corrupted database, we can rebuild the database using the backup history.

Who can perform the data recovery?

It can be done by the administrator.
He is the person who generated the encryption key using his password.

Within the limit of his profile as specified by the administrator, a user can perform a manual backup and recovery for his workstation only. If the administrator’s password is lost, recovery of the data is impossible and Wooxo must be reset.

How does the data recovery take place?

Through the Wooxo Backup interface, data is stored internally in the Wooxo Security Box, the recovery is immediate, unlike the more restrictive online recovery.