Frequently asked questions

What is the Netwoco service?

Netwoco is a software for detecting and preventing failures of hard drives with a system process (email, SMS and alarm screen).

Can we export GestParc data?

It is quite possible to export data in GestParc in an Excel dashboard. 

What are the benefits of GestParc?

  • Full knowledge of the computer equipment and better hardware and software compliance
  • Early management of purchases and / or contract and license renewals
  • Tighter control of the software and equipment used by employees
  • Proactive solution of incidents
  • Knowledge of staff risk taking
  • Empowerment of employees by more integrated behaviour
  •  "Customised" support: the creation of an organizational structure, etc.
  • Tool to help decision making, publishing performance indicators, etc.

What is the GestParc service?

GestParc is a service which enables a daily inventory to be made automatically for all the hardware and software components, without any manual intervention.

At the Wooxo Backup software level, if I delegate the rights to a backup action to a user who makes changes to the settings, is this visible in the log?

The changes do not appear in the log. However, all actions are recorded in a file log on the Wooxo. We can, on request and free of charge, send this file to the user. 

What are the features of the AD sync module in the file server? Does it only recover the users? Can you recover the files, the rights, etc. ?

Only the directory. The Wooxo then uses this directory for user management.