Frequently asked questions

Why trust the backup system Wooxo ?

We are committed to a results obligation. A recovery operation with alternative classic backup software does not work.

Wooxo Backup controls the entire storage of all data at the time of the backup and not during the recovery process like your current software. The information is therefore available immediately.

What are the benefits of Wooxo Backup ?

Unlike tape, Wooxo Backup backs up not only the machine on which it is installed but all the workstations in your network.

Wooxo writes data to hard disk and three separate places unlike tapes where the data writing is magnetic and therefore much more sensitive.

Wooxo automatically backups your data daily, without human intervention, and stores it in three separate places.

What if I already have a backup system on tape?

Wooxo replaces all backup systems and provides many additional benefits to multi-supplier solutions.