Frequently asked questions

What are the different phases of the backup process?

  1. Analysis: the agent and the Wooxo analyze the different versions of the files so that only the data which is different from the last version stored is backed up
  2. Transfer:  the agent sends the data to be backed upon the Wooxo drive
  3. The scan: all data to be backed up is analyzed by the Sophos antivirus engine and identified as integrated or corrupted
  4. Encryption: the data integrated is compressed and encrypted

What are the characteristics of the hard drives used in the Wooxo Box?

The hard drives used in the Wooxo environment are exclusively of the Western Digital brand. We use the "green" edition which allows on one hand amoderate rise in temperature and on the other to maintain proper power consumption. These drives run at 5400t/min.


How is heat dissipated in the fire retardant compartment?

This is one of the manufacturing "secrets". The important thing is to know that at fullload (with the drives in use) the disk temperature never exceeds 50 ° C. 

Is the Wooxo network card in Gigabits?

Yes it is.

Can the Wooxo system do hot backups from a database which is in operation?

Yes, from Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, our system uses Microsoft’s VSS (Volume Shadow copy Service) to save any file locked by another application. 

How is the Database saved: when on or off?

The Wooxo principle is based on copying files written to the hard drive, whether the base is active or not during a backup, it will focus solely on this information. The Database which is in play at this time will not be considered, but it will be stored on the next back up.

We strongly recommend that an export of the database is performed and that the export is backed up. This procedure ensures your database’s consistency.

Is your backup administration centralized?

 Yes, you can manage all your backups from any computer on your network which supports Java 1.4.

Do you have a LOG (control method) for the backups performed?

Yes, a backup log ensures the traceability of information. A colour code indicates the anomalies and information feedback is performed automatically via email when a malfunction is detected.

How does the backup take place?

Locally from the client workstation to the Wooxo, the backup is in file incremental mode.                             
From the Wooxo to the storage centres, it is an incremental block backup: only file changes made since the last backup are backed up in a procedure known as Delta File Processing, and only the differences are transmitted by the Wooxo Security Box to the storage centres. It reconstructs an entire file with validation by comparing electronic signatures. This process ensures the integrity of all files. 

Can you manage multiple backup versions?

Yes, you can choose the number of different versions of a file that you want to save without limit as to the amount: it is the versioning.

What is the level of security for the backups’?

Maximal, the data is automatically analyzed by Sophos, an integrated anti-virus and necessarily encrypted with AES 128 on the Wooxo Security Box and at the external centres. Data transfer is over the internet via an SSL tunnel. The client alone holds the key which can decrypt the backed up files. 

Is it absolutely necessary to set the backups?

The machines are preset by default. However, each user can initiate a manual backup at any time.

Do you have a limit on the amount of data backed up?

The only limit is determined by the speed of the connection you use. However even the ADSL at 128K produces very good results. The data transmitted to Wooxo is in compressed differential (GIGA NATIVE).

Where is the data outsourced?

At our partners’ 9 Telecom’s and Maxnode’s two secure storage facilities, at Lyon and Marseille

When and how quickly are the backups carried out?

Wooxo’s Backup adapts to your network configuration. The data transmission to our security centres is asynchronous, and it typically occurs at night. 

Does your backup require human intervention?

No, Wooxo is fully autonomous and automated. 

Which versions of AS / 400 are compatible and which not with Wooxo?

There is no issue as to whether it is a compatible version or not, you simply have to have a protocol for Ethernet connexion.                                                     

From what version is it possible to back up a SCO Unix server?

An agent running on the SCO 5.0.7 or higher. The Windows backup agent is compatible with Windows 2000 to 2008 in 32 and 64 bits. This agent communicates with the Wooxo through the following channels:

  • Agent to Wooxo: port  6666 => port 6666 must be open leaving from the workstation to Wooxo                 
  • Wooxo to the agent: port  6667=> the port 6667 must be open entering on the client workstation to receive the orders for the Wooxo back up

Is your backup system multi-platform ?

Yes, Wooxo Backup is compatible with the Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Mac OS X and L’AS400 environments.