Frequently asked questions

What about the confidentiality of my data as it is moved around and is stored outside the business?

The data that is backed up is encrypted using an algorithm of the AES 128 bit type as soon as it is stored on the Wooxo. You alone hold the key to decode your data and are able to recover it fully.

Nobody, not even Wooxo is able to read your data. This encryption system is registered with the Direction Centrale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (DCSSI), a French government agency under the Ministry of Defence.

What guarantees do I have against loss of my data?

Data is replicated in three separate locations: your Wooxo locally and the datacenters at Lyon and Marseille.To lose all traces of data would require the simultaneous physical destruction of three remote systems, at least two of them, more than 400km away.                                                                        
We are required to return the data stored on our hosting centres. Any failure must be justified by a cause external to Wooxo.

What happens if the Wooxo no longer works?

Your contract includes the maintenance for your Wooxo. If a failure occurs, we are immediately notified and we will act on the basis of the diagnosis either remotely, or on site or on its return to the workshop or with an exchange.

What happens if I exceed my outsourcing package?

When you exceed the amount of data initially set, a message is sent to you and you have 10 days to call your provider and regularize by changing onto a higher package.                                                                     
If necessary you will be invoiced for the backup volume used. You can also delete files and thus stay within the limits of the original volume.

Can my outsourcing package evolve?

The package initially acquired may change during the contract period.

Do the updates have to be arranged? Are they already paid for?

Wooxo Backup is regularly and automatically updated throughout your contract term. The updates are included in your contract and the SOPHOS anti-virus signatures updated automatically every 6 hours