Accounting firms

Wooxo offers accountants and accounting firms an automatic turnkey backup solution to protect any accounting data created, stored or exchanged from all risks and ensures 24/7 access and recovery.



  • Automatic backup of servers, PC and laptop (even on move)
  • Data encryption
  • Multi-branch configuration available (Box to Box option)
  • Versioning and full backup reports
  • Multi-environment (Windows, Mac, Unix, etc.)


  • Garantees confidentiality
  • Is suited to large databases
  • Is suited to the regulatory duration for storing accounting records
  • Backup traceability
  • Visualises and handles heterogeneous client data
  • Reduces cost
  • Independant management

Private Cloud

Box to Box option : The 100% private local cloud for accounting records

The Box to Box option means that all data produced and stored by one branch can be copied to one or more remote branches (as many as required – unlimited number). Data remains locally stored and is shared in a secure and private way.

The file copy mode is configured for you depending on your needs:

  • Data replication using mirroring (2 sites)
  • Data replication using a triangular configuration (3 sites)
  • Data replication using star or cascading configuration (multi-sites)