Backup safe for healthcare data

Wooxo offers healthcare institutions a 100% local and automatic turnkey backup solution to protect patient data from all risks and ensures 24/7 IT operation in compliance with medical confidentiality laws.This solution complies fully with the French “Hôpital Numérique” Digital Hospitals Programme, and is the perfect complement to hospital IT systems in “degraded mode” and can take over in the event of a major incident.



  • Automatic backup not reliant on Internet connection
  • Data encryption
  • Integrated preventive tools
  • Versioning and full reports
  • Full IT System recovery in the event of a crash
  • High volumes
  • Multi-environment (Windows, Mac, AS400, Linux, etc.)
  • Incremental backup and compression


  • Offers confidentiality and compliance with medical confidentiality and legislation
  • Anticipates risks and ensures regulatory compliance (V4 Certification from the French healthcare regulation authority)
  • Ensures 24/7 operation
  • Provides protection against risks of fire, flooding and theft
  • Avoids operator errors and reduces costs
  • Is suitable for European hospital groups
  • Offers backup traceability
  • Includes a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Is guaranteed to work on various operating systems for hospital groups
  • Optimises storage space

Digital safe

Allroad Edition: the digital safe for all risks

The Allroad version of our storage Boxes and racks provides a genuine fireproof, waterproof and antitheft safe. It offers maximum security for your local data with protection from the most extreme risks (natural disasters, break-ins, online fraud, etc.)

The fire resistance of our Allroad solutions is regularly tested in crash conditions by the CEREN Research and Testing Centre in the South of France.
Full test report available on request.

Watch the fire test video
Download the detailed product sheet (Allroad and Storage Rack)
Protection pictograms

Private Cloud

Box to Box option : The 100% private local cloud for healthcare data

With its Box to Box offer, Wooxo is the only provider to offer a local solution suitable for European hospital groups
The Private Cloud configuration : 

  • Helps harmonise systems,
  • Optimises the security of varying hospital IT systems
  • Reduces costs

All an institution’s data is copied to one or more remote institutions (as many as required – unlimited number). Data remains locally stored and is shared in a secure and private way.