The aerospace giant has chosen the Wooxo Private Cloud solution to protect its digital assets.


Zodiac Aerospace has multiple sites in Tunisia, 15 servers, more than 400 desktop computers, 200 laptops and 10 networked scanners. It was looking for a solution to replace its outdated and unsuitable data backup system. “

With IT SolutionBox to Box, and its theft-proof base, the CIO is aiming to protect the company’s data from all major risks and to comply with ISO standards. He feels that “return on investment will be quick” because of fewer consumable requirements and the automation inherent in the Wooxo solution. His enterprise information, databases and system images are securely backed-up in patented Wooxo Allroad Edition box. This Private Cloud solution also eliminates Zodiac's vulnerability to third-party and dataleak risks.

Thank you to Zodiac Aerospace for your confidence!

Our previous tape-based backup solution was toounwieldy and insecure in our highly competitive industry, with the strategicd ata that we have to handle.

Mohamed H’Maidi, Chief Information Officer