With Wooxo, printing PEAU triumph of a cybercrime attack

For printing PEAU, customer satisfaction is not just a word and everything in the company helps to keep this promise: the experience of the employees, equipment quality, rigorous production processes... But when the company is victim of a cybercrime attack, did she is always able to meet its delivery times?

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Based in Berd'huis in Orne, in an ultra-modern building of 2500 m2, which houses some forty employees, the PEAU printing looks great. With a new generation of machines, it covers the entire graphic chain: Council, printing, finishing...


Respectful of the commitments made to its customers, the company enjoys a strong reputation consolidated year after year since its inception in 1954.


► "Our customers demand the best quality at the lowest cost. All the printing business is computerized today to improve productivity and we invest each year to remain at the forefront of technology", says Guillaume Sauget, its President.


But while the Christmas holidays are looming and that the activity in full swing, the day of 15 December starts badly.


► "Upon my arrival at the office, I was stopped by one of my colleagues a little panicked", says Guillaume Sauget. "All the company devices, thirty in all, were unusable. We had been hit by a cybercriminal attack. The files were all encrypted and illegible. A dialog box open on desktop invited us to pay a ransom in exchange for the supposed key allow us to decrypt our data. I must confess that for a moment, I myself have been destabilized; I thought of all the customers that we had to deliver before the holidays and nothing was available: Good to Pull to manufacturing, Delivery notes, invoices...", he adds.


Without delay, he calls his IT service provider, the company ACA BUREAUTIQUE, which intervenes on site without delay.


► "The Cryptovirus, was in all likelihood introduced via an email and an infected attachment in the mailbox of an employee. It quickly spread to the network so that in the morning, all workstations were locked", said Philippe Bensoussan, ACA BUREAUTIQUE.


► "Fortunately, my client has acquired a Wooxo backup solution on the recommendations of a printer Brother himself with; Two years ago just before Christmas! I was able to re-set all equipment within 24 hours. The Backup Box is connected to the network, data recovery is very rapid because it is not conditioned by the speed of internet facility, we work on the local network", he explains.

A day of business interruption, this is a shortfall of 40,000 euros for billing printing, so, we don't regret having invested in a Wooxo solution.

Guillaume SAUGET, President of printing PEAU