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Le PRA de vos postes fixes ou nomades
et de vos serveurs physiques ou virtuels RGPD Conforme

Backup - The last defense

Logo France Cyber Security

Full backup (Files & volume)
and daily backup
Encryption - Compression - Pseu
Protection against cyberattacks
Fast restore at granular level
OneKey Restore

Box Allroad - The Unmatched

Box Allroad (safe)
Maximal Physical Security
Fireproof (CEREN Certificate)
Anti-theft base

Externalisation and BCP*

*Backup Continuity Plan
European Datacenters Tier IV certified
Backup Redundancy on 3 different storage points
Certified for hosting health data

Customer service

Automatic Supervision
Pro Actif Monitoring
Care : Our customer service supports you from day one

YooBackup: Backup and Recovery Software

Our Backup Software is installed on each one of your computers and servers (Illimited number of licences).

All of your company's data (from the Operating System to every single file) are protected against all kind of disaster (including cyberattacks).

When needed, you can restore anything, anytime, without any limit of volume. Included, YooBackup's new features, the OneKey Restore and the OneClick Restart!

YooBackup's Software Box


  • Automatic Backup

    Full backup (Files & volume with OneKey Restore),
    Automatic and daily backup

  • Versionning

    Versioning Delta-Bloc

  • Secured Data

    Encryption - Compression - Pseudonymization
    to protect your data

  • Secure Proprietary Protocol

    Protection against cyberattacks with a secure proprietary protocol

Box Allroad: The Invincible

The Cybersecurity Pack include an Allroad Box, fireproof, watertight, anti-theft and anti-cyberattack.

It allows you to store all of your company's data locally, and keep control over your most precious digital information.

1 to 14 TB  

Box AllRoad


  • Fireproof

    tested in real extreme conditions
    CEREN Certificate
    See Video

  • Watertight

    Tested in real conditions
    Protection of the HDD in case of 24h immersion

  • Anti-theft

    Anti-theft base included in the Cybersecurity Pack

  • Anti-Cyberattacks

    Thanks to YooBackup's secure proprietary protocol preventing all intrusion

Externalization and Backup Continuity Plan

The BCP ensures your data is safe even if you main box is unavailable. For this purpose, the Cybersecurity Pack includes 100 GB of cloud externalisation (on European DataCenters certified for hosting heath Data) of a private Cloud with a second box on another site (Box to Box).

Externalization and BCP


  • Backup Continuity Plan

    Backup Continuity Plan,
    Exclusive Wooxo service ensuring your data's protection

  • European Datacenters

    Your Data is stored in European Datacenters, HDS certified (Health Data Hosting)

  • GB

    Additionnal amount of Go in our European Datacenters (Hybrid Cloud)

  • Private Cloud

    Creation of a private Cloud with a second box on another site (Box to Box)
    2 different storage points 100% local
    High Data volumes

Proactive Supervision

Our support service takes special care of each one of our clients throughout their contract.

From setup to Operational Maintenance, our team is available 24/7.

Service Après-Vente


  • Installation

    Wooxo assists you install YooBackup on each device (computer, server, etc).
    + a recovery test

  • Proactive Supervision

    Proactive Supervision
    Preventive and corrective

  • Assistance

    Intervention time period: 12h
    Resolution of all incident in less than 48h

  • Decrypted Cyberthreats

    Decrypted Cyberthreats
    how to avoid them and what to do if you're infected

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50 GB of cloud storage externalisation

  • Poste Nomade

    Save your laptops

  • Plan de Continuité d'Activité

    Access the Backup Continuity Plan (BCP)* even if you main box is unavailable

Logo OneKey Restore

Quick and complete restoration of your systems: OneKey Restore

With a ordinary Wooxo USB memory stick, launch the full recovery of your workstations, servers and hard drives yourself, on any device (Bare Metal Restore), in less than a minute.

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Logo OneClick Restart

Immediate data access!

In case of a disaster, and even before recovering any file, you can immediately access your computer or server backup from our box, by starting a virtual machine on the web interface of YooBackup.

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