Free IT Security assessment

Checking on the quality of your backup policy.
Rate in minutes your level of vulnerability to different threats to your computer system and therefore your business.

1 IT environment covered


  • Does your company have a data backup solution ?
  • If so, does it include (multiples choices):
  • Are you able to save all your applications (payroll, accounting, ERP…)?
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2 Vulnerability


  • Does your backup procedure require human intervention?
  • What would you say about your environment protection :
    against theft (reinforced door, window protection, alarm etc.)?
  • against fire?
  • against cyber-attacks (firewall, proxy, anti-malware etc.)?
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3 Disaster recovery


  • In the event of a major disaster (equipment crash, theft etc.), would you be able to recover your essential business data?
  • How long would it takes to recover the data (if applicable)?
  • After a data loss, how long could you afford to wait before recovering your business?
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4 Your details


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