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Your data always available and stored within your business safely.

Small Data Center

This Small Data Center allows hosting large data storage volumetries locally, it has an integrated air conditioning and Allroad features: resistance to fire, theft and flood.

12 TB to 144 TB Technical sheet

Photo Baie Allroad 2017


  • Picto Baie Allroad

    The Allroad Small Data Center allows to have a hosting space perfectly suits to the needs of a facility to host servers and their peripherals (SAN, switches, routers, firewall).

    It has the most intelligent monitoring tools.

  • Chantiers

    This mini data center allows the deployment a mobile and secure IT room in a limited time without preparing the premises of destination:

    construction sites, disaster interventions, hospitals and temporary clinics, event management, humanitarian missions, military camps.

  • Temperature

    Place your computer safe from climate hazards and hostile environments with protection against dust and moisture.

    Cooling is provided by an integrated air conditioner and access to drives is protected by fireproof and watertight seals.