Wooxo, on board with Cyber Startup Observatory!

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Initiated by Smartev Cybersec, the French version of Cyber Startup Observatory is now available. Wooxo is proud to be part of this beautiful ambition !


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Cyber Startup Observatory

Smartev Cybersec launches a global reference

Created by Smartev Cybersec, Cyber Startup Observatory is an initiative to promote globally cybersecurity brands towards the financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, critical infrastructure, public sector, manufacturing and any other type of business. A powerful ambition that Wooxo is glad to share today.


Smartev Cybersec's position as a cybersecurity expert led them to publish detailed analyses on the global situation of cyber threats. Numerous lines of business use their sensible insight to better understand the economic issues.


With this expertise, Smartev Cybersec created Cyber Startup Observatory: 1st reference of global cybersecurity for cross-industries professionals.

Wooxo with Cyber Startup Observatory

Its first edition in Israel was a worldwide success. Enlightening politics and entrepreneurs, Israels's cybersecurity expert startups' analisyses led the way of this ambitious initiative.


To extend this concept, Smartev Cybersec decided to set up its second Cyber Startup Observatory in France. As commited actors of French cybersecurity ecosystem, Woxo was immediatly associated to this dynamic, proud to contribute to this project.

Download the guide!

Wooxo will actively take part in this ecosystem as Glod member expert, bringing its macroeconomic vision of the topic through articles, insghts and other displays.


The first edition of the French Version of Cyber Startup Observatory is now available for direct download.

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