If you want peace, prepare for CyberWar


At the beginning of a new French presidential mandate, a ransomware attack of unprecedented magnitude stuck more than 150 countries. Are the future conflicts to be seen at an international scale? Are we up to it?


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If you want Peace, prepare Cyberwar

In 2016, the government initiated the creation of a new branch in the French military to protect the country from cyberattacks. This initiative is supported by the new French President.


President Macron’s digital campaign director Mounir Mahjoubi spoke to radio station France Info this morning: "The constant threat of our enemies lead us to think that we need trained people in addiction with financial and technological resources. If we really want to create a fourth army in order to protect France from any cyber threat, the nation needs to be mobilized."


This new government set the pace. France is preparing for CyberWar. Each citizen must be aware of the cyber risk and be trained to digital security.

Is your company vulnerable?

Our program, Yoonited Against Cybercrime, was created to inform, warn, advise and unite business executives against hacker’s constant threat. An attack of this magnitude has disastrous consequences for SMEs if they didn’t have a contingency plan: a whole billing, manufacturing, selling system can become inoperable with one click.


That’s where we come in. YooBackup system ensures a Disaster Recovery Plan in less than a day. All your data is safe and can be restored in case of a Cyber Attack, without paying any ransom or extra cost.


According to M. Mahjoubi, “We don’t have enough Cyber Security companies in France and in Europe today; we need to develop this branch […] but our country is rather well ranked, and that’s fortunate.


This ranking is getting better each day and Wooxo, French leader of professional data backup, puts its expert’s team at your service with a free diagnostic of your equipment.


The fourth army is starting up. It’s your turn to take an action to protect your company from Cybercrime.

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