If you want peace, prepare for cyber-war !


With YOOnited, WOOXO is mobilizing its partners to take part in a programme to fight cybercrime.


If you want peace, prepare for cyber-war !

Nearly one company in two(1) has been infected by ransomware in Europe in the past year. Wooxo and its reseller partners are combining their efforts in 2017 in the “YOOnited against Cybercrime” programme to fight against this economic threat.




“In the face of the onslaught of cybercrime attacks, which are both many and sophisticated, and lacking sufficient resources, SMEs and small local authorities are powerless and are easy targets for cybercriminals;” says Luc D'URSO, President of Wooxo says.
Evidence of this is that cybercriminal attacks targeting small and medium-sized organisations increased eightfold(2) in the third quarter 2016 compared to the same quarter in the previous year.


The “YOOnited against Cybercrime” programme launched by Wooxo aims to make local consultants available to businesses and advise and assist them with deploying defensive solutions against cybercrime.
“Because of a lack of information and sufficient advice, owners of SMEs unnecessarily expose the business that they have built up over many years of effort, even though they could effectively protect it for a cost per day equal to that of their coffee machine”, Luc d'URSO lamented. “Given the number of attacks with dramatic consequences recorded in 2016, the educational approach that we have deployed up to now is no longer enough. We need to change up a gear and mobilise all the players! There is strength in unity,” he added.



Wooxo mobilizes to propose efficient and powerful means.



And Wooxo is not holding back on the means to achieve this!


  • Organize information mornings to sensitize leaders :

Throughout the year, the publisher, with its European reseller partners, is organising information mornings in industrial parks to increase awareness among managers about the challenges and issues of computer security.

For each event, an invitation will be sent to the businesses in the park by email and via social media.


  • Evaluate the weaks of companies via a free check-up : 


A unit of specialised consultants has also been specially recruited for the YOOnited programme to offer managers a free-of-charge check-up by phone in 30 minutes. Interested companies can contact the reseller partners associated with the programme or directly via the publisher’s website (www.wooxo.fr).
This check-up is intended to reveal any shortcomings in an organisation’s existing system and areas to concentrate on as a priority.


  • Identify and inform about new cybercrime threats :


Finally, Wooxo will inform interested businesses about the advent of new threats identified by the publisher’s cybercrime intelligence service via an alert report which can be communicated to all employees within the businesses in order to raise their awareness.
Accountants and insurance agents anxious to raise awareness among their customers are also welcome. Their customers will be able to benefit from the entire programme free of charge.


Fighting cybercrime together in the YOOnited programme, Wooxo and its partners intend to prepare European companies for the worst so that they can experience only the best of the digital future.
(1) Vason Bourne study
(2) Kasperky Security Networks – November 2016