The Chistmas of a CEO


I’m a business executive. My company takes 90% of my energy. To me, beyond the fir tree and gifts, Christmas is the time when I plan next year’s forecast budget. And this year, I don’t plan on losing everything I’ve built.


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The Christmas of a CEO


I heard about Wannacry

Every year, I set a growth strategy for my firm and I look into the future. This year, I’m facing a new challenge.

Last May, I heard about Wannacry. I was well aware of cyberattacks, but this one was more powerful than ever.


And it was targeting companies, from SMEs to big corporations. It could have destroyed everything I’ve been working for through all those years, all my projects and those of my employees. It’s been like an electroshock.

I have to take an action against cybercrime

Since then, the number of cyberattacks magnified: Not Petya, KRACK, Bad Rabbit… I looked it up, in 2017, 42% of ransomware attacks were targeting firms, that is 12 points more than 2016. This increasing figure and the growing number of crashing SMEs got me thinking. I have to take an action against Cybercrime.


This year, my Christmas present will be to strengthen the work of all these years. I want to insure the continuity of my company; I want to protect it from cyberattacks.

I have to be equipped to ensure my company’s continuity.

Competition is fierce. If my order or billing system is paralyzed for several weeks, thousands of euros go to competition, and I can’t afford that. I also can’t afford an expensive backup solution. It’s a vicious circle!

I have no available budget but if I do nothing and I lose my clients database, my prospects, it’s a financial catastrophe and my firm’s reputation is at stake! And I’m not even talking about the new General Data Protection Regulation!


I have to be equipped to ensure my company’s continuity, find a backup and restoration solution to protect my computer system. And I want a qualified customer service.

So I gather information, I seek council from trustworthy people, I read articles on social medias, and I know now want I want for Christmas.

I found the best backup solution for my company.

I called an expert on backup and cybersecurity. He listened to me, he understood my issues and gave me customized advice. I subscribed to Wooxo services with an Allroad box. This service protects my data against theft, fire, flood and cyberattacks.


Their local backup allows me to restore my files even without Internet. Their monthly fare will blend in my 2018 budget, and their Christmas offer includes 50Go of free Cloud hosting, perfect to protect my laptop!


I found the best backup solution for my company. Get customized advice for yours! 


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