Naxicap supports the European development of Wooxo

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Naxicap partner invests in Wooxo group

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Naxicap supports the European development of Wooxo

Viveris Management, which follows Wooxo since its beginning leaves up its contribution.

“The capital risks funds having allowed the financing our launch come to expire shortly. We are entering in a new phase.Naxicap partners offers a new financial partnership, which is the most relevant after the first one with Viveris Management, to sustain our European development policy” Testifying Luc D’URSO CEO of Wooxo.

Antoine Le Masson add “I have been seduced by the clear offer that Wooxo display and the expertise of the management team. As well in the indirect sale as in the way of keeping its network aware on a market which is still quite unknown.”.


About Naxicap Partners

Naxicap is a firm which is known for its well-judged investment in different companies.Currently Naxicap have invested about 1.5 billion euros in several capitalsunder management.

Subsidiaryof Natixis, the firm is split on three different activities: Small-caps,Mid-caps and Capital creation. That concern 35 professionals of investment in 5different offices in France: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg and Nantes.