“Succès du Numérique” contest – Wooxo wins the Security prize


"Transition Numérique" association rewards Wooxo's efficiency against Cyberattacks! The success of a company’s data recovery after being attacked by a ransomware.

Company News

Wooxo won "les Succès du Numérique"

A Ransomware attack

Cybercrime is everywhere. The « Conseillerie des Tonneliers » is a company that, not unlike many others, was stoke by a ransomware.


“The virus quickly spread and infected Apisoft and accounting files. All the files from infected computers were crypted and became unusable. Hackers asked for a ransom of several thousands of euros to get the files back.”


The company called our partner - Sigec - right away. Our backup and restoration software YooBackup was set up on their computers a few months before and it protected 100% of their equipment: files, databases, softwares, system image – against all risks.  


Fortunately, the “Conseillerie des Tonneliers” had a way out – They didn’t pay and they didn’t lose a thing. 

A fast disaster recovery

Wooxo's assistance and its local business partner Sigec helped the client recover its files with Yoobackup. The technical staff helped recovering its activity in less than 2 hours, with 0 loss and 0 additional cost.  

Cybersecurity – our first commitment!

This case was chosen by several jury members: members from DGE, Medef, the “Digiteurs” (CCI Paris Ile-de-France), Eurocloud and CEOs from last year’s edition.


This year, we won the “Succès du Numérique” – Security prize.

More than a prize, it symbolizes the actual success of our system against Cyberattacks: Software + hardware + support + local partner.


Cyber threats are seen as fatalities. Today’s digital dependence makes it essential to protect your data. We are here to tell you that our solution ensures your company’s cybersecurity and your work’s continuity. Cybercrime is not unavoidable.