The legendary "Allroad" now available in backup or storage rack format


With capacity as high as 144 usable TB, the new Wooxo rack is the perfect solution for companies of any size.

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Photo Baie Allroad 2017

The needs of any type of company or institution, in terms of storage and backup of large quantities of vital data, are met by the Wooxo Rack.
The Wooxo Rack is compliant with the requirements of the Allroad Edition label, and will be particularly useful on for industrial sites in harsh environments (dust-generating activities, ocean-based facilities, etc.), and for healthcare establishments, as well as temporary worksites (construction and public works, events, humanitarian or military missions and camps).
It took two full years to develop this heavy-duty mini data centre. Standing out from the competition thanks to its technical features, the tool is available in three models:

  • "Office" range, with 1450 watts, for indoor hosting, fully soundproof, and offering 18U (secure)
  • 175 range, with 2500 watts, for indoor and outdoor hosting, offering 17U (secure) and 5U (unsecure)
  • 380 outdoor range, with 7800 watts, for use in an IT room or outdoors, offering 38U (secure)

This patented, innovative concept meets the needs of the market in terms of high-volume solutions thanks to its many advantages and varied uses, such as:

  • High-capacity backup rack
  • Archive rack for preserving data over long periods
  • Clean room for organisations with limited space (optimisation of the company's available surface area)