Data Recovery: A parachute for your company!

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2017 witnessed a digital disaster: Cyberattacks. Since 2018 is likely to be at least as catastrophic, let’s talk about the only suitable remedy for your firm: System recovery.

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What happens in case of a Cyberattack?

When you are infected by a virus, lines of code are injected in your computer or the entire network (depending on the type of malware), to interfere with its proper condition. These new commands can freeze, steal, erase data and paralyse the whole system. Computers are inoperable, and the entire firm can be out of order. For certain SMEs, a few days of inactivity can (and have already been) fatal.

How to survive a massive Cyberattack?

Once you are infected, the only way is to recover the last clean version of your system: you need to upload and install it as soon as possible to restart your activity.

However, in order to recover this clean version, you need to keep it safe and sound, away from Cyberthreats.

What’s a Volume Backup?

A hard drive can contain several volumes, and a volume is all your computer needs to restart, fresh and ready-to-go!

Saving a volume, unlike saving a file, is preserving the integrity of it all: the operation system, softwares, apps, databases and files. This can be quite heavy… So it’s preferable to choose incremental backup, and versioning possibility – to be able to select the version you need.    

Recovery can sometimes be a laborious process.

In case of a cyberattack, the Volume Backup is what you need to quickly restart your activity. Yet restoring a volume or an entire disk (which can contain several volumes) can cause issues of incompatibility (hardware, operating system, tech support). When you choose a solution, you need to make sure it’s a full service: Fast and easy recovery, without extra cost, for a successful restart of activity!       

Protect your company, step by step.

Restart your activity, almost instantaneously, when you’re hit by a cyberattack or anything else, is this year’s challenge! To protect your company, the first step is simple: Call a cybersecurity expert. He will listen to you issues, advise you and support you through the whole process.


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