WOOXO announces the launch of YooSync, an appliance of synchronization and secured file sharing for SME


After several months of development, Wooxo gets ready to launch YooSync, solution of synchronization of files collaborative with several users. Stay tuned!

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YooSync - Synchronisation et partage de fichiers Wooxo

WOOXO announces the launch of YooSync, an appliance of synchronization and file sharing secured for SME.

With YooSync, Wooxo proposes to SME a solution highly secured to consult, modify and share professional documents since any terminal connected to internet and without storing the data in the cloud.


La Ciotat, on April 2nd, 2015 - Knowing the success on the market of the appliances of protection intended in SME, WOOXO spreads its range from April with the solution YooSync for the synchronization and the file sharing in Box mode.

Connected to internet, the collaborators intend to work on their professional documents and to share them with thirds parties, in any place and all the time, as confirms it a study [ 1 ] led by the editor with its customers. More than a company on two declared that the access to the data of the company in nomadic situation was "very important" and for a quarter of them, it is "essential". To answer these justifiable needs, numerous solutions cloud of synchronization and file sharing appeared on the market in the trail of the American precursor Dropbox.

This Cloud solution, initially thought for a consumer use, presents major inconveniences anytime soon transposed into occupational environment " observes Luc d' Urso, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer de Wooxo.

Among the main risks of loss or leak of the information stored in the cloud, we shall note the atomization of the data, the absence of protection centralized by the synchronized documents, the juxtaposition of individual volumes of storage, the decompartmentalization between the private and professional spaces, etc.

Quartered between the requirements of security hammered by their advice in computing - who plead for a "bunkerisation" of the information system - and the productivity gains which requires the opening to the outside world, the company directors notice, for more than a third party of them [1], a "unofficial " and " uncontrolled" use of consumer solution of synchronization and file sharing among their collaborators. Worse, they are very often the first ones to turn to it for lack of adapted solution.

By avoiding the publication of the data on the Internet, the solution YooSync proposed in Dock Mode, intends to reconcile the requests of digital emancipation of the collaborators and the requirements of the leaders and the IT managers regarding security.

YooSync proposes in particular :

  • The remote secured access to all the documents since any terminal connected in the respect for the policy of the granted rights
  • The consultation, the modification and the sharing of rooms between several users with synchronization on all the associated terminals
  • The transfer of voluminous files via a link of download

[1] Data stemming from the same study.


Beyond these classic features, YooSync puts at the disposal of the users of the collaborative spaces, the "Workspaces", matched by a management of rights : every guest of a collaborative space, that it is internal or external to the company, can consult the present documents, put down, but also modify them and synchronize them if the relative rights are granted to him.

With 72 e-mails a day and by user, the professional messaging saturates. An employee on two admits to be interrupted or distracted by the messaging every ten minutes " add Luc d'Urso. " Real collaborative spaces, Workspaces is significantly going to ease congestion in the e-mail traffic by avoiding trip of attachments, often voluminous, modified between broadcasting issuers and addressees ".

SME of the concrete until then accessible earnings of productivity exclusively in large companies through expensive solutions Yoosync offer in.

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ABOUT Wooxo:

Created in 2010, Wooxo is a editor of professional solutions for the protection and the secure exploitation of the computing data. Member of the world Pole of the Secure Communicating Solutions, the Afdel and the association EuroCloud, Wooxo was certified innovative Start-up in 2011, prize-winner of Trophies Innovation ICTS^(INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES) PACA 2012 (PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTE D'AZUR 2012) and classified to the prize list of the Companies of Future at the award EY (formerly Ernst and Young) as well as in the TOP 250 of the software editorsin 2013 and 2014, and finally in the TOP 7 of the editors leaders of the market of the data protection in 2014 according to the office of study Markess. The company is also partner of the governmental Program Digital Transition since 2012.