Wooxo celebrates its 5 years of existence with new international ambitions

Wooxo et la presse

Wooxo answers the need for protection of the data for SME beyond the borders and develop its program of partnership I Love Yoo.

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By creating Wooxo in 2010, Luc d'Urso left the following report : SME were not conscious of the importance about the conservation of their digital heritage by mobilizing that few technical and human means in backup tools.

Recognized begun innovative by Oséo, Wooxo so proposes 3 software solutions to answer this problem of reassurance of the data. Strong of his growth every year, the editor tends to develop on the international stage in countries with great potential among which Germany and Italy are latest ones with our program I Love Yoo.


On the 5 years of Wooxo in detail with Le Journal des Entreprises and the magazine Classe Export.